Welcome to our new company home page. In the past you would have found this as a part of our personal website showing our personal pictures, travels, golf adventures and more. After a few years of playing around with that, we got a few website customers, Central Iowa Insurance and Kerry's Flowers and Creative Touches. After working on our talents and what we could offer we started getting more and more customers and offered more and more services. Finally the President (Paula) suggested to the CIO (Ron) the company get its own web domain and branch out. Kind of like kicking the little bird out of its nest.

At this site you will find out about current customers, what we do for them, prices and more.

Our mission in life hasn't changed. We want to offer web design to customers that need an exposure on the internet but may not have the budget or the tolerance for the high dollar web design and hosting companies that are out there. They offer glitz and motion and glamor but in all reality some just want affordable accurate design that tells where they are and what they offer. We like the underdog; we like the entrepreneur that may be great at their trade but aren't wild about their computer.

Check out the pages here at our site and see if we can help you like we have helped others.

Web design
Digital design
Logo design
Business cards
Photo collage
PC system clean up
Laptop hard drive recovery
Virus and BSOD issues repaired